Traditional Thai Massage

2 hours - £100

A 2 hour massage which works all aspects of the body. The massage includes applied stretches, deep tissue work along the main energy lines, and time spent on specific therapy areas such as lower back pain, headaches, emotional stress. The session is finished with a relaxing face treatment which is excellent for headaches, sinus problems and improving the complexion and tone of the face. The most thorough therapy you can get.

Thai Massage

1.5 hours - £80

A 1.5 hour massage which works all the major parts of the body, using applied stretches and acupressure along the main energy points and lines. The whole body is worked and rebalanced. Posture, flexibility, energy and emotions are all improved. The session is finished with a relaxing facial treatment working the key points of the face. A thorough and deeply relaxing massage.

Thai Style Back Massage

1 hour - £60

An effective 1 hour treatment for those on the go. This massage works on the main areas of tension in the body, namely the hips, back, shoulders and neck. Gentle stretches are applied to open up the body, helping to improve posture and relieve stiffness and pain. This shorter treatment focusses on treating the physical body as there is little energy line work.

Thai Pregnancy Massage

1.5 hours - £80

A relaxing yet thorough 1.5 hour massage for pregnant women. This is a special time when a woman's body can do with some extra care and pampering from the toes right to the top of the head. Tired feet and legs, sciatica, sore hips, lower back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, face and scalp tension are all addressed. The treatment takes place on a padded mat with supportive pillows and bean bag, removing the need to climb onto a massage table. Suitable from 14 weeks up to birth.

Thai Foot Massage

50 mins - £55

A 50 minute session combining reflexology techniques with Thai massage for the feet and legs. A relaxing and invigorating treatment which promotes general wellbeing. All the reflex zones of the feet are stimulated, optimizing the inner workings of the body and relieving common ailments such as headaches, asthma, migraine, sinusitis and PMS. Circulation is improved, lymphatic drainage is stimulated and flexibility in the feet and ankles is increased. This treatment can be performed on clients sat in a chair so is suitable for the elderly and less able people.

Office Massage

From £20 pp

Workplace massages for aching backs, tense shoulders, stiff necks and groggy heads. Ideal for an office setting or for individuals who are unable to lie on the floor for traditional massage. Sessions can be arranged so groups of colleagues can be worked on in same visit. Treatments are performed through the clothes so there is minimal disruption. Great for occupational health or as a reward for your team.

Yoga Tuition

From £10pp for public class & from £40 private class

Public and private yoga tuition for individuals, couples or groups. Learn pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, vinyasa, asanas, kriyas, relaxation and philosophy. This is a true system of health designed to improve all round wellbeing and most importantly bring about peace of mind. Regular practice will strengthen the body, improve posture and flexibility, increase energy levels and reduce stress. Tailored to suit your needs, drawing from Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative and Pregnancy Yoga. Non-sweat sessions available for the workplace. Live in the studio/garden, or at your home, office, school etc. Online and recorded options also available.

Special Occasions & Spa Days

Priced per Event

Yoga and Massage parties. Healthy and relaxing events to share special moments with others. Create your own special event from a range of options, such as: Restorative Yoga Session combined with mini massages. Massage Party - learning basic massage sequences on each other, which you can then practice on your friends and family. Mindfulness walk in nature - a guided walk, helping you learn to be present in the moment to help reduce stress. Organic Juice Bar - make delicious fresh raw juices to enjoy and aid detox. Yoga tea party - warming chai spices, blended with honey and plant milk, accompanied by vegan cakes. Mind and breath - learn the basics of meditation and breathing exercises to help reduce anxiety and control mind and emotions.

Gift Vouchers

Any amount

Give the gift of health and relaxation. Vouchers can be for a specific therapy or class, or money towards one. You can be posted a physical card to give or emailed a personalised e-card to be eco.