Ruth Navarro

Yoga Client


Pen is quite simply the best yoga teacher I've ever had. She was my first yoga teacher when I was a non-yogi person. Since getting a taste of her yoga magic I've done loads of yoga, but never with a better yoga teacher. Don't think twice!

Matthew Coles

Massage Client


I highly recommend getting a Thai massage with Pen. I have had many Thai massages over the years, a lot of them in Thailand, and this is up there as one of the best.

B Law

Massage Client


The massage was excellent and provided great results. I was also given tips on diet, health and wellbeing, which have helped me focus and manage my diet much better. Thank you so much.

Rachel Polonsky

Yoga Client


Pen is an unusually intuitive teacher and healer, a person of rare presence and gifts. Practicing yoga under her knowledgeable guidance always feels like an adventure and a revelation about the ways of the body and mind. And working with her is always so much fun! I cannot recommend Pen more highly. She is extraordinary.

Lindsay Gawthrop

Corporate HR Client


Pen is the best yoga teacher we have ever had. She is fun to work with and is always full of good energy. Our employees love working with her, they feel at ease and always feel encouraged. They love the fact that she cares about them. Each session is truly catered to the individuals attending as she always talks to them before the session to find out what they want to get out of the time. Restorative sessions always go down well, especially in the new year. All of our employees also love the back massages that Pen delivers. The feedback is always good, and that is why we ask her to come back time and time again. Thank you Pen for being you.